ATW Investments Inc. is at the forefront of Real Estate Investing in the USA focusing in the Texas Real Estate Investment Markets. ATW Investments Inc.'s cutting edge real estate investment strategies offer investors cash flow with asset protection and returns on investments that are at or above 15%. Learn about the ATW Investments Inc. Real Estate Investing Boot Camp and how you can secure your financial future. Click Here.

ATW Investments Inc. was founded on the premise of providing the opportunity for financial freedom for everyone. ATW was established in 2003 as a one man’s dream and quickly morphed into a company of over 120 representatives. The guiding principal of Brian Payton and the ATW’s team is not to follow trend but to urge their clients to find the balance in the market despite what is happening with economic changes. According to Brian Payton, “Investors that focus on real estate need to understand that the strategies and management team they employ are the most crucial steps in determining an investment's success or failure.” Another key point to the ATW’s business model is that we believe that everyone can be an investor. We don’t have minimum investment requirements on our clients.  ATW Investments is here to evaluate and negotiate deals, offer lucrative new investment opportunities, and with ATW's patentable investment strategies, industry knowledge, and solid team, ATW provides a competitive edge in the Texas real estate investment markets. 
ATW Investments makes it its daily mission to be ahead of the information curve as it concerns all things in real estate investing. Investors get the assurance in knowing that we have done due diligence on each and every project. What this means for our clients is that they have the comfort of knowing that they are investing in financially sound, solid projects that allow for maximum return on investment. 


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